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Hi, no answers since 140 days ? Tiltbrush pack for UE4 is it always in development ? Is it update for UE 4.21 ? I am interesting about it :)

This is awesome, thanks. You should link here from your Youtube videos though. I only found this through an unrelated search.

We bought this but there are NO instructions to be found in any of the ZIP files, nor does it work with UE4.17. Is this a legit asset?

Hi. when i import the material and textures, i have to relink everything again! And even so, whenever i import a new object from tilt brush, then i have to assign the material again for each part. Should it be like this or am i doing something wrong? I would appreciate some help :)

I wasn't able to buy this but I want to, can you contact me :)

I'm updating it to work with 4.17, 4.18, and 4.19 over the next week. I'm Sorry for the Delay.

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does it work now with 4.16?

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There is no use of tutorials, a week has passed yet to open. T. T

 UE4 4.13-4.14 I`m working on Updating it for 4.15-4.16 Currently swamped with work. :( but i`ll take care of it very soon.

Will continue to update it? When can you finish your work?

I've purchased and downloaded the "Tiltbrush Inspired Materials Assets(Project Files)" ZIP file above. But it's unclear what version of UE4 that project is compatible with. Can you clarify which version of UE4 I should be using?

either this week or this weekend coming up, i`ll be pushing out another update for 4.16 XD I believe the package is for 4.14 or 4.15, i`ll be making a version for 4.15 if its 4.14.